About Us


Dan-Mar is an industry leader in contract engineering, design, development and manufacturing of electronic products. We design, develop, prototype and manufacture electronic products including:

  • Electronic blasting machines and related equipment for the mining industry
  • Power sources for fiber optic lighting
  • Value-added electronics for membrane switch panels
  • Control devices for the military, industrial, commercial, and medical industries

With a facility of over 50,000 square feet, modern equipment, skilled assemblers, and highly-specialized engineers, we’re consistently able to meet and exceed our client’s most demanding development challenges. The professionals at Dan-Mar recognize that the usual production concerns and problems can be alleviated or avoided completely when our customers work closely with us—collaboration is indeed key. Heightened communication and a willingness to go the extra mile ensure that our customer’s production lines function smoothly and without interruption. We also realize that time is of the essence, which is why we’re known for our prompt quotes and on-time delivery.


James D. Heckelman started the business that was to become Dan-Mar Company, Inc. in 1962. Jim’s primary customer in those early days was Research Energy of Ohio, founded by Richard Walker. Jim’s vision and ingenuity enabled him to design, develop, and produce a variety of products including Low Coolant Indicator modules for commercial trucking, a control module for the Fuel – Water Separator used on the military M60 tank, and the first Electronic Sequential Blasting Machine which revolutionized a process in the mining industry. With the love and support of his wife Margaret, Jim was able to grow the business, and Dan-Mar Company was incorporated in March of 1972. The name Dan-Mar is derived from the first syllables of Jim’s middle name, Daniel, and Margaret’s first name.

Over the course of 48 years, Jim successfully operated the business in a 10,000 Sq Ft facility located in Huron Ohio. Jim poured out his creativity, ingenuity and leadership to build a successful company. He has designed hundreds of systems that remain the staples in their industries, and has multiple patents in his name.

In 2005, Jim was approached by the SDI Company out of California to develop the Electronic Equipment to be used with their Electronic Ignition Module for use in the Mining Industry. Through a few creative negotiations, Jim was successful in signing a contract to design and build prototypes of the equipment for SDI. The success of this development ultimately leads to the acquisition of the Dan-Mar Company in 2010 by the Austin Powder Company in Cleveland Ohio.

Austin Powder, a company with a history since 1833, is a Mining and Blasting company with International Sales. They acquired the intellectual property and assets of the Dan-Mar Company to position themselves better in the field of Electronic Initiators.

In November 2012, Austin Powder hired Chris Munroe, an Engineering Director with a background in Electronic Design and Manufacturing, to take over the position of President of the Dan-Mar Company, allowing Jim to step away from the position. Jim remains on staff with Dan-Mar as a Sr. Consultant for the company.

In July 2014, Dan-Mar acquires a 50,000 Sq Ft facility at 200 E. Bluegrass Dr, Norwalk Ohio. The facility was the home of an Electronic Contract Manufacturing company, allowing Dan-Mar to move into the facility seamlessly in October 2014.

Additional to the facility move, Dan-Mar acquires its first Surface Mount Manufacturing line, expanding the manufacturing capability of the company.

By 2022, four SMT Lines are installed for volume production support

In 2022, A fully Robotic Handling and Inspection system was integrated.  A first for the company development team

In July 2022, Dan-Mar celebrated 50 years of Electronic Blasting Innovation, Pioneering the first Electronic Sequential Initiation systems in the 70’s to Fully Electronic Blasting Systems of today.

Austin Powder and Dan-Mar continue to invest in the future of the company in response to customer needs and growth of the OE equipment and assemblies.  The company maintains its core values of Safety for its employees, Quality for its customers, and responsibility to the Environment.